Build Your Own Swing Set

Every father’s dream is to build a swing set for his kids. It’s a great opportunity to get to spend quality time with them, but even more so, it’s a great opportunity to test your skills as a craftsman. When considering building the right swing set, you need to draw up a plan. No one wants to build a small, lame swing set, you want to build one with all sorts of fun built in. My dream structure would have a climbing rope, maybe a bridge to walk on, of course some swings and maybe even a slide. The more ambitious you are, the more detailed your plan must be. Take your time with your plan, and if you have little or no experience in construction, go online and consult other people’s swing sets to get ideas. Youtube is a great resource in learning how to use different tools and to give you the best strategy on how to get started. I imagine that once you get some ideas in your head, the inspiration will start flowing. Before long, the little swing set you imagined will be an all out jungle gym!

Once you have a plan, you’ll need to get all of your supplies. You’ll be quickly amazed at just how much lumber you’ll need. To fetch it, make sure you have the right vehicle. I recommend none other than the Ford F-150. It’s the best pickup truck out there. Period. Ford has a long history of making top-notch, rugged pickups that are known for how much they can haul. If you’re excited about building this swing set, but don’t yet have the right vehicle to assist you, get online and go to or and start shopping. Not only will this beautiful vehicle assist you on this project, but it’s also a great day-to-day truck. It’s comfortable and efficient, and you’ll feel the power every time you get behind the wheel. Your new Ford F-150 will help you on your construction projects for years to come. It won’t be long until your kids grow up and you tear down that swing set and build and a guesthouse.

Once you have a plan and all your materials in the yard you get to start building. When undertaking such a project, safety is your first priority. This is especially true if your kids will be helping you and/or watching. And you know they will want to. If you’re working with power tools such as table saws, make sure to have the appropriate eye wear and ear protection. It might seem like a bit of a hassle, but the benefits far outweigh the cost if something does happen. Once you are finished, make sure that you test it all out yourself before you allow the kids on it. The last thing you want is for something to unhinge or break when your most precious creations are playing on it.

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