The Most Inventive Ways to Get a Little Sun


Everybody thinks of going to the beach or having a picnic when they feel the need to go out and get some sun. There are plenty of other ways too, some that are much more inventive. Here are three examples of things you can do to get a little more sun in your life.

1. Go to a Game

Going to a baseball game is a fantastic way to get some sun, even if you aren’t a huge sports fan. Baseball games are fun for the entire family and, because baseball is a summer sport, games tend to take place in fantastic weather. Major league parks now can boast a fantastic selection of beer and gourmet style food. Minor league parks can have tickets that are so inexpensive that even those on a budget can afford to go.

2. A Convertible


What better way to get sun than to get it while you are driving to a from work everyday? With the Fiat Cabrio from, you can keep the top down at speeds up to 60 MPH so that you can really enjoy the sun while you are dealing with your commute or errands. Find out more about the Fiat Cabrio at

3. Plant a Garden

Sure, you may already know that when you have a garden you can get great food and flowers, but you can also use it to get some time outside in the sun too. There is a reason that gardening is so popular, and it isn’t just because it makes your house look prettier. Even if you have a landscaper for the rest of your property, put aside a part of your garden that is just for you. Put your favorite flowers and plants there and spend a little time each day to really take care of it. You’ll add some curb appeal and get some of that sunshine, all at the same time.

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