Tips On How To Maximize Car Insurance In The Long-Run


1. Stay out of car accidents, period.

This tip is inherently obvious, nonetheless it bears mentioning because it is the most important way one could reduce their auto insurance premiums. If you are linked to several automobile accidents in a few years’ time, the insurer will automatically target you as a high risk candidate and thus raise your auto premiums, sometimes by astounding amounts. If most of the accidents are your fault, but even several non-fault collisions can result in higher insurance premiums, this is certainly true.

2. Don’t get into another moving violation citation or speeding ticket.

Having more than two citations can mark a driver as a ‘risky’ pattern driver, though one to two tickets are forgivable. Another wise strategy is always to either contest it in court, or attend traffic school to you erase the points, if you do obtain a speeding ticket. Nowadays, some traffic schools offer online classes, so you may not have to surrender an entire Saturday.

3. Modify the insurance policy.

Some possibilities here include raising the deductible amounts. Alternatively, lowering coverage limits. Another consideration is to drop some unnecessary “”extras”” in coverage such as towing services or tire change fees. Chances are that some coverage details can be modified without assuming any higher risk if you look closely at your current policy.

4. Bundle insurance services.

This means that when you have multiple policies (such asauto and home, and earthquake or flood insurance) with the same company, you will generally get ‘multiple policy’ discounts from a major insurance company. In simple terms, you are worth more on the insurer when you have three policies with them versus one.

5. Change your vehicle.

If you are driving a $70,000 sports car that can obviously garner a much higher premium then the $25,000 used minivan. But then should you be driving a $70,000 sports car that usually means that you can afford to pay higher auto insurance premiums.

6. Loyalty.

Automobile insurance companies generally reward loyalty: because of this if you stick with the same insurance carrier for a lengthy period of time like greater than 10 years, they will notate you as a very loyal customer, and be less likely to improve your car insurance rates.

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