Do Some Spring-Cleaning In the Summer!

Cleaning house isn’t just about getting rid of unwanted stuff, it’s about streamlining your life. It’s about subscribing to the philosophy that not only is less more, but that everything in your life and your closet and garage should serve a specific purpose. Spring cleaning is the equivalent to trimming the fat off a ribeye steak, or separating the filet from the t-bone. Summer is a great time to do some spring-cleaning. It might not be ideal, but it’s good enough. The first thing you’ll need is a solid chunk of time. A proper spring cleaning takes a full weekend, even if you’re doing it in the summer.



All good cleans begin with at least one trip with a full car to your local shelter or Goodwill store. The point of spring cleaning is to streamline your life, and I’m willing to bet that every one of you out there has at least two garbage bags full of things in your house that you never use. You probably have things in there you don’t even know about. For me, I say good riddance. The fewer things I have, the happier I am. Once you’ve cleansed your house of unwanted belongings, you’re ready to do the actual cleaning. If you’re not sweaty and sore, you’re doing it wrong. You only do this once a year, so do yourself a favor and do it right. Get in the corners. Find your ajax. Pretend that your judgmental in-laws are coming to stay with you and that they have very sensitive sinuses.



When you’re through scrubbing on your hands and knees, and every surface is back to its original, dusted and shiny form, you are free to take stock of your life. Only then, when all the unwanted stuff is gone, or to stick with our lovely steak metaphor, all the fat is trimmed from your filet, can you decide what you want to add to your life and figure the sides that would most elegantly accompany a beautiful piece of meat.

My big realization came during my second trip to the Goodwill Store. I realized, I hate my car. That’s not a good feeling. I knew that I needed to update my mode of transport. I knew that I wanted something American made and sharp. I didn’t want it to be the kind of sharp in which I convinced myself that it was good looking, I wanted the kind of sharp that turns heads and gets dates. I also wanted something wildly fuel efficient with all the goodies of safety and convenience. I wanted amenities. The only thing I didn’t want was to spend a lot of money. That’s why I easily and quickly decided on a Dodge. The new 2015 lineup of Dodge cars and trucks is second to none and I knew what I wanted. A Charger. I went online to both and and quickly made myself an appointment for a test drive.


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